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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services in London

Expert London carpet cleaning services are  major component of most households. Many homeowners neglect to properly clean and care for their carpets, not realizing that by doing so they are shortening the life of the carpet and possibly endangering their own health. Mildew, molds, pathogens, pet dander and the dust mites that live off it are all in our carpets where our children play, and it all gets tracked through every area of the house. If you are not a pet owner and your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in over a year, or if you have pets and it’s been 6 months or more since your last cleaning, now is the perfect time to call on Domestic House Cleaning Ltd on 020 340 424 52  for the most affordable rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services in London!


Dry Carpet Cleaning in London

dry carpet cleaning londonDry carpet cleaning is a cleaning method suitable for quick carpet cleaning which is removing dirt and dust by sparing crystals or powder and minimizing use of water. Beneficial advantage is that dry carpet cleaning allows room to be used right after our London domestic cleaner end the process. Dry carpet cleaning is a great way to fresh up your carpet and to take advantage from one professional carpet cleaning treatment. Call on 020 340 424 52  to schedule quality dry carpet cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning in London

Steam Carpet Cleaning londonSteam carpet cleaning or also knows as a hot water extraction is one of the most proven carpet cleaning methods in London especially when it comes to be removed the old stains deeply settled into the fibers. Our London cleaners use special equipment and detergents to ensure that the the high pressure extractions will rinse out all the dirt. Compared to other carpet cleaning methods the steam carpet cleaning is more similar to the deep wet cleaning but allows to be avoided the long drying time and the soaking carpet. To book a steam carpet cleaning contact us on 020 340 424 52 

Deep Carpet Cleaning in London

Deep carpet cleaning is definitely what needs to be done when a proper maintenance need to be done to the highly polluted carpets. There are variety of deep carpet cleaning services in London to choose, but wet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning are those which could ensure that all the dust and dirt will be removed at once. All our home cleaners in London are qualified experts who will do the job according to the highest standards.Book a deep carpet cleaning by calling us on 020 340 424 52 

Expert Carpet Cleaners in London

Our carpet cleaners in London have many years of experience and training in taking care of all kinds of carpets and rugs. Depending on the fibers of the carpet, steam carpet cleaning is usually the preferred method of cleaning exceptionally dirty carpets. This method employs the use of the highest-powered equipment on the market to loosen and release all kinds of grit and grime from deep within your carpet, all while killing most harmful germs that may be present. This kind of deep carpet cleaning is perfect for high traffic areas and areas with stains as well. For more delicate carpets, carpets made from natural fibers, carpets in less-used areas, or for more frequent cleanings, our carpet dry cleaning service is recommended.

How to Purchase Your Cleaning Service?

You can quickly and easily reach us to book a carpet cleaning service by calling on 020 340 424 52 . One of our knowledgeable representatives will be glad to assist you, either by proving a free quote, scheduling your service, or suggesting combinations of London cleaning services that will help you take the most advantage of our low prices and discounts. You may also request a service through our online service request form. Don’t wait; call now on 020 340 424 52  to have a clean, fresh smelling carpet again!